drmemtrace Directory Reference


file  analysis_tool.h
 DrMemtrace analysis tool base class.
file  analyzer.h
 DrMemtrace top-level trace analysis driver.
file  basic_counts_create.h
 DrMemtrace basic counting trace analysis tool creation.
file  cache_simulator_create.h
 DrMemtrace cache simulator creation.
file  drmemtrace.h
 Header for customizing the DrMemtrace tracer.
file  elf_loader.h
 ELF file loader. Add the ELF section to the pt_image instance or the pt_image_section_cache instance.
file  flexible_queue.h
 DrMemtrace flexible priority queue.
file  func_view_create.h
 DrMemtrace func_view trace analysis tool creation.
file  histogram_create.h
 DrMemtrace tool that computes the most-referenced cache lines.
file  ir2trace.h
 Offline DynamoRIO's IR converter. Converts DynamoRIO's IR format to trace entries.
file  memref.h
 DrMemtrace trace entry structures.
file  memtrace_stream.h
 DrMemtrace interface for obtaining information from analysis tools on the full stream of memory reference records.
file  opcode_mix_create.h
 DrMemtrace opcode mixture trace analysis tool creation.
file  pt2ir.h
 Offline PT raw trace converter.
file  raw2trace.h
 DrMemtrace offline trace post-processing customization.
file  raw2trace_shared.h
 DrMemtrace routines and structs shared between raw2trace and tracer.
file  record_filter_create.h
 DrMemtrace record filter trace analysis tool creation.
file  reuse_distance_create.h
 DrMemtrace reuse distance tool creation.
file  reuse_time_create.h
 DrMemtrace reuse time (i.e., reuse distance without regard to uniqueness) tool creation.
file  schedule_stats_create.h
 DrMemtrace schedule statistics analysis tool creation.
file  scheduler.h
 DrMemtrace top-level trace scheduler.
file  speculator.h
 DrMemtrace trace speculative path generation.
file  syscall_mix_create.h
 DrMemtrace syscall mixture trace analysis tool creation.
file  tlb_simulator_create.h
 DrMemtrace TLB simulator creation.
file  trace_entry.h
 DrMemtrace trace entry enum types and definitions.
file  view_create.h
 DrMemtrace view trace analysis tool creation.