view_create.h File Reference

DrMemtrace view trace analysis tool creation. More...

#include "analysis_tool.h"


analysis_tool_tview_tool_create (const std::string &module_file_path, memref_tid_t thread, uint64_t skip_refs, uint64_t sim_refs, const std::string &syntax, unsigned int verbose=0, const std::string &alt_module_dir="")

Detailed Description

DrMemtrace view trace analysis tool creation.

Function Documentation

◆ view_tool_create()

analysis_tool_t* view_tool_create ( const std::string &  module_file_path,
memref_tid_t  thread,
uint64_t  skip_refs,
uint64_t  sim_refs,
const std::string &  syntax,
unsigned int  verbose = 0,
const std::string &  alt_module_dir = "" 

Creates an analysis tool which prints out the disassembled instructions from the binary in the order they are present in the trace. This tool needs access to the modules.log and original libraries and binaries from the traced execution. It does not support online analysis.