cache_simulator_create.h File Reference

DrMemtrace cache simulator creation. More...

#include <string>
#include "analysis_tool.h"

Data Structures

struct  cache_simulator_knobs_t


analysis_tool_tcache_simulator_create (const cache_simulator_knobs_t &knobs)
analysis_tool_tcache_simulator_create (const std::string &config_file)
analysis_tool_tcache_miss_analyzer_create (const cache_simulator_knobs_t &knobs, unsigned int miss_count_threshold, double miss_frac_threshold, double confidence_threshold)

Detailed Description

DrMemtrace cache simulator creation.

Function Documentation

◆ cache_miss_analyzer_create()

analysis_tool_t* cache_miss_analyzer_create ( const cache_simulator_knobs_t knobs,
unsigned int  miss_count_threshold,
double  miss_frac_threshold,
double  confidence_threshold 

Creates an instance of a cache miss analyzer.

◆ cache_simulator_create() [1/2]

analysis_tool_t* cache_simulator_create ( const cache_simulator_knobs_t knobs)

Creates an instance of a cache simulator with a 2-level hierarchy.

◆ cache_simulator_create() [2/2]

analysis_tool_t* cache_simulator_create ( const std::string &  config_file)

Creates an instance of a cache simulator using a cache hierarchy defined in a configuration file.