dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_config_t Struct Reference

#include <pt2ir.h>

Data Fields

pt_cpu_t cpu
uint32_t cpuid_0x15_eax
uint32_t cpuid_0x15_ebx
uint8_t mtc_freq
uint8_t nom_freq

Detailed Description

The type of PT raw trace's libipt config.

The class pt2ir_t does not want to expose libipt to the upper layer. So we redefine some configurations of libipt decoder in pt_config. The libipt pt decoder requires these parameters. We can get these parameters by running libipt/scirpts/perf-get-opts.bash.

Field Documentation

◆ cpu

pt_cpu_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_config_t::cpu

The CPU identifier.

◆ cpuid_0x15_eax

uint32_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_config_t::cpuid_0x15_eax

The value of cpuid[0x15].eax. It represents the CTC frequency.

◆ cpuid_0x15_ebx

uint32_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_config_t::cpuid_0x15_ebx

The value of cpuid[0x15].ebx. It represents the CTC frequency.

◆ mtc_freq

uint8_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_config_t::mtc_freq

The MTC frequency.

◆ nom_freq

uint8_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_config_t::nom_freq

The nominal frequency.

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