dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_cpu_t Struct Reference

#include <pt2ir.h>

Data Fields

pt_cpu_vendor_t vendor
uint16_t family
uint8_t model
uint8_t stepping

Detailed Description

The types of the CPU model.

Field Documentation

◆ family

uint16_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_cpu_t::family

The CPU family.

◆ model

uint8_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_cpu_t::model

The CPU mode.

◆ stepping

uint8_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_cpu_t::stepping

The CPU stepping.

◆ vendor

pt_cpu_vendor_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::pt_cpu_t::vendor

The vendor of the CPU.

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