dynamorio::drmemtrace::_trace_entry_t Struct Reference

#include <trace_entry.h>

Detailed Description

This is the data format generated by the online tracer and produced after post-processing of raw offline traces. The dynamorio::drmemtrace::reader_t class transforms this into memref_t before handing to analysis tools. Each trace entry is a <type, size, addr> tuple representing:

  • a memory reference
  • an instr fetch
  • a bundle of instrs
  • a flush request
  • a prefetch request
  • a thread/process. All fields are stored as little-endian. The raw records from the tracer may be big-endian (per the architecture trace type field), in which case raw2trace must convert them to little-endian. The memref_t fields may be presented as big-endian to simplify analyzers running on big-endian machines, in which case the conversion from the trace format trace_entry_t to big-endian is performed by the dynamorio::drmemtrace::reader_t class.

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