dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t Struct Reference

#include <memref.h>

Data Fields

trace_type_t type
memref_pid_t pid
memref_tid_t tid
addr_t addr
size_t size
addr_t pc

Detailed Description

A trace entry representing a data load, store, or prefetch.

Field Documentation

◆ addr

addr_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t::addr

Address of data being loaded or stored.

◆ pc

addr_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t::pc

Program counter of instruction performing load or store.

◆ pid

memref_pid_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t::pid

Process id.

◆ size

size_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t::size

Size of data being loaded or stored.

◆ tid

memref_tid_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t::tid

Thread id.

◆ type

trace_type_t dynamorio::drmemtrace::_memref_data_t::type

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