_module_names_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_modules.h>

Data Fields

const char * module_name
const char * file_name
const char * exe_name
const char * rsrc_name

Detailed Description

Holds the names of a module. This structure contains multiple fields corresponding to different sources of a module name. Note that some of these names may not exist for certain modules. It is highly likely, however, that at least one name is available. Use dr_module_preferred_name() on the parent _module_data_t to get the preferred name of the module.

Field Documentation

◆ exe_name

const char* _module_names_t::exe_name

If this module is the main executable of this process then this is the executable name used to launch the process (NULL for all other modules).

◆ file_name

const char* _module_names_t::file_name

The file name used to load this module. Note - on Windows this is not always available.

◆ module_name

const char* _module_names_t::module_name

On windows this name comes from the PE header exports section (NULL if the module has no exports section). On Linux the name will come from the ELF DYNAMIC program header (NULL if the module has no SONAME entry).

◆ rsrc_name

const char* _module_names_t::rsrc_name

The internal name given to the module in its resource section. Will be NULL if the module has no resource section or doesn't set this field within it.

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