_drvector_t Struct Reference

#include <drvector.h>

Data Fields

uint entries
uint capacity
void ** array
bool synch
void * lock
void(* free_data_func )(void *)

Detailed Description

The storage for a vector.

Field Documentation

◆ array

void** _drvector_t::array

The dynamically allocated storage for the vector entries.

◆ capacity

uint _drvector_t::capacity

The size of array.

◆ entries

uint _drvector_t::entries

The index at which drvector_append() will write.

◆ free_data_func

void(* _drvector_t::free_data_func) (void *)

The routine called when freeing each entry.

◆ lock

void* _drvector_t::lock

The lock used for synchronization.

◆ synch

bool _drvector_t::synch

Whether to automatically synchronize each operation.

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