_dr_symbol_import_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_modules.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
const char * modname
bool delay_load
bool by_ordinal
ptr_uint_t ordinal

Detailed Description

Symbol import data returned from dr_symbol_import_iterator_next().

String fields point into the importing module image. Robust clients should use DR_TRY_EXCEPT while inspecting the strings in case the module is partially mapped or the app racily unmaps it.

Field Documentation

◆ by_ordinal

bool _dr_symbol_import_t::by_ordinal

Import is by ordinal, not name (Windows only).

◆ delay_load

bool _dr_symbol_import_t::delay_load

This import is delay-loaded (Windows only).

◆ modname

const char* _dr_symbol_import_t::modname

Preferred name of module (Windows only).

◆ name

const char* _dr_symbol_import_t::name

Name of imported symbol, if available.

◆ ordinal

ptr_uint_t _dr_symbol_import_t::ordinal

Ordinal value (Windows only).

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