_dr_symbol_export_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_modules.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
app_pc addr
const char * forward
ptr_uint_t ordinal
bool is_indirect_code
bool is_code

Detailed Description

Symbol export data returned from dr_symbol_export_iterator_next().

String fields point into the exporting module image. Robust clients should use DR_TRY_EXCEPT while inspecting the strings in case the module is partially mapped or the app racily unmaps it.

On Windows, the address in addr may not be inside the exporting module if it is a forward and has been patched by the loader. In that case, forward will be NULL.

Field Documentation

◆ addr

app_pc _dr_symbol_export_t::addr

Address of the exported symbol.

◆ forward

const char* _dr_symbol_export_t::forward

Forward name, or NULL if not forwarded (Windows only).

◆ is_code

bool _dr_symbol_export_t::is_code

Whether code as opposed to exported data (Linux only).

◆ is_indirect_code

bool _dr_symbol_export_t::is_indirect_code

Whether an indirect code object (see dr_export_info_t). (Linux only).

◆ name

const char* _dr_symbol_export_t::name

Name of exported symbol, if available.

◆ ordinal

ptr_uint_t _dr_symbol_export_t::ordinal

Ordinal value (Windows only).

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