_dr_restore_state_info_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_events.h>

Data Fields

bool raw_mcontext_valid
dr_fault_fragment_info_t fragment_info

Detailed Description

Data structure passed to a restore_state_ex event handler (see dr_register_restore_state_ex_event()). Contains the machine context at the translation point and other translation information.

Field Documentation

◆ fragment_info

dr_fault_fragment_info_t _dr_restore_state_info_t::fragment_info

Information about the code fragment inside the code cache at the translation interruption point.

◆ mcontext

dr_mcontext_t* _dr_restore_state_info_t::mcontext

The application machine state at the translation point. The client can update register values and the program counter by changing this context. The client should not change mcontext.flags: it should remain DR_MC_ALL.

◆ raw_mcontext

dr_mcontext_t* _dr_restore_state_info_t::raw_mcontext

The raw pre-translated machine state at the translation interruption point inside the code cache. Clients are cautioned when examining code cache instructions to not rely on any details of code inserted other than their own. Modifying this context will not affect the translation.

◆ raw_mcontext_valid

bool _dr_restore_state_info_t::raw_mcontext_valid

Whether raw_mcontext is valid.

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