_dr_os_version_info_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_os_utils.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
dr_os_version_t version
uint service_pack_major
uint service_pack_minor
uint build_number
char release_id [64]
char edition [64]

Detailed Description

Data structure used with dr_get_os_version()

Field Documentation

◆ build_number

uint _dr_os_version_info_t::build_number

The build number.

◆ edition

char _dr_os_version_info_t::edition[64]

The edition (such as "Education" or "Professional").

◆ release_id

char _dr_os_version_info_t::release_id[64]

The release identifier (such as "1803" for a Windows 10 release).

◆ service_pack_major

uint _dr_os_version_info_t::service_pack_major

The service pack major number

◆ service_pack_minor

uint _dr_os_version_info_t::service_pack_minor

The service pack minor number

◆ size

size_t _dr_os_version_info_t::size

The size of this structure. Set this to sizeof(dr_os_version_info_t).

◆ version

dr_os_version_t _dr_os_version_info_t::version

The operating system version

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