_dr_module_import_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_modules.h>

Data Fields

const char * modname
dr_module_import_desc_t * module_import_desc

Detailed Description

Module import data returned from dr_module_import_iterator_next().

String fields point into the importing module image. Robust clients should use DR_TRY_EXCEPT while inspecting the strings in case the module is partially mapped or the app racily unmaps it. The iterator routines themselves handle faults by stopping the iteration.

ELF does not import directly from other modules.

Field Documentation

◆ modname

const char* _dr_module_import_t::modname

Specified name of the imported module or API set.

◆ module_import_desc

dr_module_import_desc_t* _dr_module_import_t::module_import_desc

Opaque handle that can be passed to dr_symbol_import_iterator_start(). Valid until the original module is unmapped.

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