_dr_export_info_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_modules.h>

Data Fields

generic_func_t address
bool is_indirect_code

Detailed Description

Data structure used by dr_get_proc_address_ex() to retrieve information about an exported symbol.

Field Documentation

◆ address

generic_func_t _dr_export_info_t::address

The entry point of the export as an absolute address located within the queried module. This address is identical to what dr_get_proc_address_ex() returns.

◆ is_indirect_code

bool _dr_export_info_t::is_indirect_code

Relevant for Linux only. Set to true iff this export is an indirect code object, which is a new ELF extension allowing runtime selection of which implementation to use for an exported symbol. The address of such an export is a function that takes no arguments and returns the address of the selected implementation.

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