dynamorio::drmemtrace::test_module_mapper_t Class Reference

#include <raw2trace.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from dynamorio::drmemtrace::module_mapper_t
std::string get_last_error (void) const
virtual const std::vector< module_t > & get_loaded_modules ()
app_pc find_mapped_trace_address (app_pc trace_address)
app_pc find_mapped_trace_bounds (app_pc trace_address, DR_PARAM_OUT app_pc *module_start, DR_PARAM_OUT size_t *module_size)
virtual ~module_mapper_t ()
drcovlib_status_t write_module_data (char *buf, size_t buf_size, int(*print_cb)(void *data, char *dst, size_t max_len), DR_PARAM_OUT size_t *wrote)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from dynamorio::drmemtrace::module_mapper_t
static std::unique_ptr< module_mapper_tcreate (const char *module_map, const char *(*parse_cb)(const char *src, DR_PARAM_OUT void **data)=nullptr, std::string(*process_cb)(drmodtrack_info_t *info, void *data, void *user_data)=nullptr, void *process_cb_user_data=nullptr, void(*free_cb)(void *data)=nullptr, uint verbosity=0, const std::string &alt_module_dir="", file_t encoding_file=INVALID_FILE)

Detailed Description

Subclasses module_mapper_t and replaces the module loading with a buffer of encoded instr_t. Useful for tests where we want to mock the module files with an in-memory buffer of instrs.

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