Filtered Traces

Filtered traces are drmemtrace traces filtered by an online first-level cache.

  • The -L0I_filter and -L0D_filter options can be used to enable the filter. These caches are direct-mapped with size equal to -L0I_size/-L0D_size. They use virtual addresses regardless of -use_physical. The dynamic (pre-filtered) per-thread instruction count is tracked and supplied via a dynamorio::drmemtrace::TRACE_MARKER_TYPE_INSTRUCTION_COUNT marker at thread buffer boundaries and at thread exit.
  • The -L0I_size and -L0D_size options specify the cache sizes. Must be a power of 2 and a multiple of -line_size, unless it is set to 0, which disables entries from appearing in the trace.
  • The -L0_filter_until_instrs option is used to collect filtered traces together with full trace (see Tracing a Subset of Execution)