Configuration File

drcachesim supports reconfigurable cache hierarchies defined in a configuration file. The configuration file is a text file with the following formatting rules.

  • A comment starts with two slashes followed by one or more spaces. Anything after the '// ' until the end of the line is considered a comment and ignored.
  • A parameter's name and its value are listed consecutively with white space (spaces, tabs, or a new line) between them.
  • Parameters must be separated by white space. Including one parameter per line helps keep the configuration file more human-readable.
  • A cache's parameters must be enclosed inside braces and preceded by the cache's user-chosen unique name.
  • Parameters can be listed in any order.
  • Parameters not included in the configuration file take their default values.
  • String values must not be enclosed in quotations.

Supported common parameters and their value types (each of these parameters sets the corresponding option with the same name described in Simulator Parameters):

  • num_cores <unsigned int>
  • line_size <unsigned int>
  • skip_refs <unsigned int>
  • warmup_refs <unsigned int>
  • warmup_fraction <float in [0,1]>
  • sim_refs <unsigned int>
  • cpu_scheduling <bool>
  • verbose <unsigned int>
  • coherence <bool>
  • coherent <bool> - (alias for coherence)
  • use_physical <bool>

Supported cache parameters and their value types:

  • type <string, one of "instruction", "data", or "unified">
  • core <unsigned int in [0, num_cores)>
  • size <unsigned int, power of 2>
  • assoc <unsigned int, power of 2>
  • inclusive <bool>
  • exclusive <bool>
  • parent <string>
  • replace_policy <string, one of "LRU", "LFU", or "FIFO">
  • prefetcher <string, one of "nextline" or "none">
  • miss_file <string>


// Configuration for a single-core CPU.
// Common params.
num_cores 1
line_size 64
cpu_scheduling true
sim_refs 8888888
warmup_fraction 0.8
// Cache params.
P0L1I { // P0 L1 instruction cache
type instruction
core 0
size 65536 // 64K
assoc 8
parent P0L2
replace_policy LRU
P0L1D { // P0 L1 data cache
type data
core 0
size 65536 // 64K
assoc 8
parent P0L2
replace_policy LRU
P0L2 { // P0 L2 unified cache
size 512K
assoc 16
inclusive true
parent LLC
replace_policy LRU
LLC { // LLC
size 1M
assoc 16
exclusive true
parent memory
replace_policy LRU
miss_file misses.txt