The History of DynamoRIO

DynamoRIO originated from a collaboration between MIT and Hewlett-Packard in 2001. HP Labs created the Dynamo system for PA-RISC in the 1990’s. A port to IA-32 was begun in 2000 and continued in collaboration with the Runtime Introspection and Optimization (RIO) group at MIT. The name originated from combining Dynamo with RIO.

MIT Releases

Four versions were released to the public and hosted at MIT:


The DynamoRIO developers at MIT started a security company called Determina using the DynamoRIO software. Determina built its award-winning security products, the Memory Firewall and Vulnerability Protection Suite, on top of the DynamoRIO platform.

VMware Releases

VMware acquired DynamoRIO in 2007. Five versions were released from VMware on

Open-Source Releases on Google Code

DynamoRIO was open-sourced and its code uploaded to Google Code in February 2009. Versions from 1.4 through 5.0.0 were hosted there.

Open-Source Releases on Github

DynamoRIO was moved to Github in December 2014.

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