_tracedump_trace_header_t Struct Reference

#include <dr_tools.h>

Data Fields

int frag_id
app_pc tag
app_pc cache_start_pc
int entry_offs
int num_exits
int code_size
uint num_bbs
bool x64

Detailed Description

Header for an individual trace in a binary trace dump file.

Field Documentation

app_pc _tracedump_trace_header_t::cache_start_pc

Code cache address of start of trace.

int _tracedump_trace_header_t::code_size

Length of the trace in the code cache.

int _tracedump_trace_header_t::entry_offs

Offset into trace of normal entry.

int _tracedump_trace_header_t::frag_id

Identifier for the trace.

uint _tracedump_trace_header_t::num_bbs

Number of constituent basic blocks making up the trace.

int _tracedump_trace_header_t::num_exits

Number of exits from the trace.

app_pc _tracedump_trace_header_t::tag

Application address for start of trace.

bool _tracedump_trace_header_t::x64

Whether the trace contains 64-bit code.

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