_tracedump_stub_data Struct Reference

#include <dr_tools.h>

Data Fields

int cti_offs
app_pc stub_pc
app_pc target
bool linked
int stub_size
union {
   uint   count32
   uint64   count64
byte stub_code [1]

Detailed Description

The format of a stub in a trace dump file.

Field Documentation

union { ... } _tracedump_stub_data::count

Which field is present depends on the first entry in the file, which indicates the linkcount size.

uint _tracedump_stub_data::count32

32-bit exit execution count.

uint64 _tracedump_stub_data::count64

64-bit exit execution count.

int _tracedump_stub_data::cti_offs

Offset from the start of the fragment.

bool _tracedump_stub_data::linked

Whether the stub is linked to its target.

byte _tracedump_stub_data::stub_code[1]

Code for exit stubs. Only present if: stub_pc < cache_start_pc || stub_pc >= cache_start_pc+code_size). The actual size of the array varies and is indicated by the stub_size field.

app_pc _tracedump_stub_data::stub_pc

Code cache address of the stub.

int _tracedump_stub_data::stub_size

Length of stub_code array

app_pc _tracedump_stub_data::target

Target of the stub.

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