_memref_marker_t Struct Reference

#include <memref.h>

Data Fields

trace_type_t type
memref_pid_t pid
memref_tid_t tid
trace_marker_type_t marker_type
uintptr_t marker_value

Detailed Description

A trace entry containing metadata identifying some event that occurred at this point in the trace. Common markers include timestamp and cpu information for certain points in the trace. Another marker type represents a kernel-mediated control flow change such as a signal delivery, entry into an APC, callback, or exception dispatcher on Windows, or a system call that changes the context such as a signal return.

Field Documentation

trace_marker_type_t _memref_marker_t::marker_type

Identifies the type of marker.

uintptr_t _memref_marker_t::marker_value

A value whose meaning depends on the marker type.

memref_pid_t _memref_marker_t::pid

Process id.

memref_tid_t _memref_marker_t::tid

Thread id.

trace_type_t _memref_marker_t::type

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